"In order to fulfill your purpose you must ACT on it." This week we sat down with Zakiyrah Ficklin the self published author or HER 20Somethings. HER 20Somethings is an interactive guide to help young women navigate through the process of finding their purpose. In this episode we talk to Zakiyrah about finding her purpose after college, what GA State was able to give her in terms of the discipline to write the book, and how she is changing up her marketing plan to max out her book and get it into the hands of every young woman in the world. Zakiyrah opens up about being a young woman of color on the cover of her book and what that means to her consumer. We even unpacked Zakiyrah's battle with depression and the work that she has done to strengthen her faith in God and claim her healing. Zakiyrah has been featured on and worked with The Willie Moore Jr. Show, Sheen Magazine, American Eagle, and Boss 93.7 FM.
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